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User Service Fee $74.00 Monthly
System Development Charge (SDC) $12,110.00
Connection Charge $460.00 (in addition to SDC)
Inspection Fee $25.00


The monthly sewer service user charge is set at $74.00 per month for each property connected to the sewer system or served thereby, pursuant to ORS 450.130.  New users of the sewer system shall pay a pro-rata sewer service user charge for the first month of service.


Sanitary bills are generated on a monthly basis around the first part of the month and are for the previous month's service.  The full amount of the bill is due by the due date on the bill.  A late charge of $10.00 will be added after the due date.


Automatic Monthly Checking/Savings Debit (ACH) - You can use this FREE service to pay your monthly sewer bill by automatice debit from your checking/savings account.  You will continue to receive your bill at the beginning of each month. Automatic debits occur ont the 25th of the month, so you have time to preview your bill and contact us with any questions.

To sign up simply fill out the Authorization for Auto Payment form and return to our office.

Online Payments
We are happy to offer a secure, convenient option for online payments.  Using our third-party vendor, you can pay with either a credit/debit card or e-check.  The money is transfered directly to our system so your account is credited immediately.  The bank will charge a service fee of $1.85 or 2.5% to process utility bills.

You can choose to setup an account online or make one time payments using the Quick Pay option here in the  "PAYMENT PORTAL".  If you need further assistance please call the office at (541) 593-3124 and we can assist with account access.

Other Payment Options

  • By Mail -  Mail payments to 55841 Swan Rd, Bend Oregon 97707. Please allow enough time for mail delivery by the due date!  Please make checks payable to OWW 2 Sanitary District.  Please do not mail cash.
  • In Person - Payments can be made in person at the District Office during business hours.... we always enjoy your visits!
  • Drop Box - Our locked dropbox is near the main entrance at 55841 Swan Rd and on the office building. Please include the side portion of your bill or service address for identification. Cash payments can be placed in here as well during office hours, change will be added as a credit to your next bill.
  • Bill Pay - You can instruct your bank to create a check (bill-pay) which the bank mails a check directly to the district office - again, please allow enough time for processing and mail delivery by the due date - late fees apply after the due date.
  • By Phone - You can call the Sewer District office during business hours and pay with a credit/debit card (3% bank fees apply). Our secure system does not (cannot) store your card information.


Regardless of how you pay, you can choose to conveniently receive your bill via email instead of postal service.  Just give us a call to request to switch receiving your bill via email or simply fill out our EMAIL STATEMENTS form for billing preferences.


What if I sell my home serviced by the Sanitary District?

If ownership changes, buyer and seller must arrange for payment of previous charges.  Please contact the District for a closing bill calculation.

What if I have my home is a rental property?

The property owner is legally responsible for all charges on the OWW Sanitary District's bill.  By law, sewer charges, including lien costs, remain with the property.

The Sanitary District will bill a tenant, please contact the District to make arrangements.  If the bill is being sent to a tenant and a lien is filed due to a tenant's non-payment, the tenants name will be permanently removed from the account.  All future billing and correspondence will go directly to the property owner.

If the owner of the real property serviced by the OWW Sanitary District, and is not the occupant of that property, a copy of the bill and any past due notices will be furnished to the owner, and will be furnished if requested by the owner.

Questions? We've got answers!

Please phone us at (541) 593-3124 and we will be happy to help you.