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Sewer Odor - UPDATE

UPDATE 5/22/23 - Our main lagoon located at the district office located on Swan Rd is continuing to improve.  Two sanitary district employees and one director were directly involved with Tom Daugherty from Triplepoint Environmental and the necessary repairs to the aeration system.  Tom shared valuable knowledge of aerator systems and lagoons with the district.

UPDATE 5/19/23 - Triplepoint Environmental arrived Tuesday May 16th with their equipment.  Maintenance began Wednesday morning and was completed by Thursday afternoon.  All of the aerators are operating correctly now.  It will take sometime to have full effect of the entire lagoon before the odor will completely go away.    The odor can likely continue into the next week, then it will go away and be back to normal.

A special meeting was held May 9th to address the sewer odor we have been experiencing the past couple of weeks.  We would like to thank the people from the community who participated.  The Sanitary District Board responded to comments and questions from residents as well as explaining how the system operates. 

There is no sewer leak, the odor is originating off our main lagoon located at the district office on Swan Rd.  We have experienced a failure in our submerged aeration system and established that we need repairs.

A couple of hours were spent with D.E.Q. discussing the issue and a site walkthrough was conducted the same day. They are satisfied with our plan to resolve the matter.

A contract has been established with lagoon experts to be on site on Wednesday May 17th to restore the equipment. 

However, until next week, the upcoming weekend temperatures are expected to be much warmer. This is going to make the situation worse, and the odor is likely going to increase.  Once the equipment is restored the odor will likely continue for a few days to follow once complete.  Then the smell will go away and we will be back to normal.

If you have any further questions, please contact the district office at (541) 593-3124 or by email at