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Connection Information

The System Development Charge shall be $11,543.00 and a Connection Charge of $438.00 will be paid in full before connecting to the sewer system.  *Fees subject to change.

The District Board has set the following criteria for connection fees:

1.  All lots having road frontage access to the collection system (shall pay the fee) except the following:

May contain: machine
  • Deschutes County approved on-site system connect within the providing such system connect within the prescribed time schedule below.
  • Standard septic/drain fields (permitted) within one year of collection system availability.
  • Pressure systems (sand filters) and “experimental” systems are required to connect by November 30th, 2010.

2.  Any improved or unimproved lot which is connected to a water supply and has a permanent or temporary structure thereon.  Temporary structures include motorhomes, trailers, etc. when such structures remain on the lot for any period exceeding seven days and no more than thirty total days in any one calendar year.

3.  Any movable structure such as a motorhome or trailer left on an otherwise unimproved lot without a water supply for more than thirty consecutive days must make provisions to connect to the collection system when it becomes available.

4.  The property owner will be responsible for all costs from the house to the sewer connection at the street.

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May contain: machine, mixer, and appliance