OWW Unit II Sanitary District

Sewer Hookup Procedures

Prior to hookup, you will need to submit the application with a check for a SDC of $9,806.00 and a Connection Charge of $373.00.  *Fees subject to change.

1.  Choose a Contractor (See the Downloads Page)

2.  Deschutes County requires a permit for sewer installation and requires an inspection before backfilling.  Obtain a sewer permit from Deschutes County at (541) 388-6575.

3.  If you are on the pressure system, an electrical permit is also needed; power has to be run from the home to the control panel at the pressure sump.

4.  Notify the Sanitary District when you plan to start installation.

5.  Have contractor or property owner install gravity line from the house to the vacuum pod/pressure sump.

6.  Call Deschutes County for inspection.  Once the County has passed off on their inspection, call OWW II Sanitary District at (541) 948-9744, so they can do their inspection, and before the water test plug is pulled.  This way adjustments can be made to the system and be turned on.  The system has to be tested before the line is charged with sewer.

8.  Tank Abandonment must be completed.  There are three options to choose from. (See the Downloads Page).

9.  Once the tank is pumped, call the OWW II Sanitary District at (541) 948-9744 to be inspected.

10.  A copy of the pump ticket needs to be sent with the Tank Abandonment Procedures form to the OWW II Sanitary District Office.

The following requirements are from the CABO Code Book:  (Check to be sure the new regulations or requirements have not been made recently).

1.  4" ABS or PVC Gravity Sewer 3034 pipe.

2.  Minimum of 1/8” fall for 4” pipe

3.  Pipe size from structure cannot be reduced

4.  Cleanouts required at property line and every 100 feet beyond property line.

5.  Black pipe cannot be glued to white pipe.  A transition fitting is required.

6.  Any building has to meet County Building Codes and O.W.W.P.O.A.
    Building and Restriction Codes.

7.  Vacuum System connection requires a vent system per drawing.

OWW II Sanitary District requires a tracer locate wire and our inspection prior to backfilling.


If you have any questions about these requirements, the Deschutes County Library has copies of the Code Book, or call Deschutes County Environmental Health Department at (541) 388-6519.

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Vacuum line connection in the ground
Vacuum line connection
Vacuum Pit