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OWW Unit II Sanitary District
Frequently Asked Questions
Question & Answer
Most questions can be answered here.  If not, please contact our Office at (541) 593-3124.  The District Office is open Monday - Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Who is required to hook up to the sewer system?

There are specific guidelines for who and when an owner needs to hook up to the sewer.  For more information use the following link, "Connection Information".
How do I connect to the sewer system? 

A contractor needs to be chosen.  A completed Application and Agreement for Sewer Service Connection Form will to be turned in and any associated SDC or Connection Charges will need to be paid before connecting.  For more information use the following link, "Hookup Procedures".
What do I do with my old septic tank or sand filter system?

The tank contents must be pumped completely empty by a licensed sewage disposal service.  For more information use the following link, "Tank Abandonment Procedures".
What are fees relating to the sewer?

User Service Fee $64.00 Monthly 
System Development Charge (SDC) $10,405.00
Connection Charge $395.00 (in addition to SDC)
Inspection Fee $25.00
Do you have a list of contractors who can make the connection?

Yes, a complete list of contractors is available.  Use the following link for a complete list, "Contractors".
When is my bill due?

Sanitary District bills are generated on a monthly basis on or around the 5th of the month and are for the previous month's service.  The full amount of the bill is due by the due date on the bill.  A late charge of $10.00 will be added after the due date.
Sewer Connection
Billing and Fees
What are my payment options?

By Mail - Please mail payments to 55841 Swan Rd, Bend Oregon 97707.  Please allow 4-5 business days when mailing payments.  Please make checks payable to OWW 2 Sanitary District.

In Person - Payments can be made in person at the District Office during business hours.  We also have a drop box located at the end of our driveway on Swan Rd.

By Phone - You can call the Sewer District office during business hours and pay with a Visa, Master Card, or Discover over the phone.  There are no additional fees for this service.  At this time, we are unable to offer recurring payments with cards.

Automatic Payments (ACH) - You can sign up for Auto Pay (thru a bank account) by contacting the Office for an enrollment form or you may download and print the form using the following link  "ACH Authorization".
Account Responsibility
What if I sell my home serviced by the Sanitary District?

If ownership changes, buyer and seller must arrange for payment of previous charges.  Please contact the District for a closing bill calculation.
What if I have my home is a rental property?

The property owner is legally responsible for all charges on the OWW Sanitary District's bill.  By law, sewer charges, including lien costs, remain with the property.

The Sanitary District will bill a tenant, please contact the District to make arrangements.  If the bill is being sent to a tenant and a lien is filed due to a tenant's non-payment, the tenants name will be permanently removed from the account.  All future billing and correspondence will go directly to the property owner.

If the owner of the real property serviced by the OWW Sanitary District, and is not the occupant of that property, a copy of the bill and any past due notices will be furnished to the owner, and will be furnished if requested by the owner.